Venezuela needs freedom (+Dictatorship)

I’m from Caracas-Venezuela, at this moment we are going through a time quite difficult and complicated.

Many of you in the last few weeks and months, have heard of Venezuela. A wonderful country, full of people as fighters, who are always willing to give the best of themselves, to live in the best conditions. In recent years, this desire of millions of Venezuelans, has been frustrated, because we live in precarious conditions.

The Government that this for 18 years in power, has led to the Venezuelans to misery, removing the opportunities and the hopes of being better. Unfortunately, the Venezuelan in the last 4 years, it has become very conformist with its situation, since everything seemed normal.

As a young woman I have felt a little frustrated, seeing as my country is in total chaos and I cannot do anything, to search for change it immediately. Last week I felt quite sad, with the death of a young man, who was fighting in the streets, for the freedom of Venezuela, was the victim of repression by the government, he was barely 17 years, i.e. not met a different government in its years of life.

We live in a country unfair, where the monthly salary, does not reach for nothing, where the essential products are not obtained, where the medicine to the people who need it do not exist and where hospitals there is no medical supplies to treat patients. Not to mention that the criminal violence, has availed itself of the streets, the police are quite inefficient and including that the judicial system does not work.

Venezuelans call freedom, we are fighting in the streets to get it, but has become quite difficult, due to the power they have the police and military of the state.

It is complicated for my view, as Venezuelans we are killing between ourselves, knowing very well that the enemy of the people, is in Miraflores (Palace of Government), enjoying all the money they have stolen, through corruption in state agencies. The country does not seem to have a solution in the short term and that personally I am very concerned, because this means that the situation will continue to deteriorate through the months.

Have been demonstrations in the past month repeatedly, and so must maintain the pressure to the government in the event that this is not the case, we will continue to live in the deplorable situation in which is Venezuela. The time is now, there should be no reverse, the Venezuelan cannot continue to live so that way.

Another of the things I have to mention is that the freedom of expression in the national television channels, is practically zero. The only way to make people aware of what is happening in the streets of Venezuela, is through social networks, it is virtually the only sources of information. And I say this because the government always speaks of that in Venezuela there is democracy and freedom of expression, but the truth no.

I say this as a citizen, in Venezuela there is no freedom, the Government has endeavored to lead the country to a critical state and fatal. The leaders of the opposition should seek the ways, so that people will keep protesting in the streets and to demonstrate peacefully, that the majority of Venezuelans want an urgent change.

It pains me to see die to my country, I find it hard not to cry, I am tired of seeing as my brothers Venezuelans are humiliated and mistreated by this government. A government that does not realize that the time they were just, who no longer have the opportunities, because the people has given many and have not been able to solve the problems.

The military are holding on to a few people who are destroying Venezuela. Do not was that the military defending the people? they seem to prefer to keep some incapable in the power, turn their backs on their people, being almost enemies of their brothers. I hope that Venezuela is free soon, a people so beautiful does not deserve to live well, a village full of riches but which is unfortunately very badly governed.

I would like to ask you a favor friends readers, share this message of a young father who wants the best for your child and for all Venezuelans, convey the message that we want freedom and that we are going to fight to the end to have the freedom that we so desire.

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