4 Ways To Boost Your Social Selling Efforts

There are a numerous amount of ways to go beyond and build a more customer-centric approach to prospecting and bringing in new business.

One of my approaches is implementing social selling best practices. First off you have to really understand what social selling is and how it works in your niche.

What is social selling?

Social selling is simply building relationships with your customers.

How does it work in my niche?

You need to find out who and where your potential customers are. Where do they hangout? What social platforms do they use? What do they like to do? What do they talk about?

Here are a couple of social selling best practices I use as part of my inbound strategy:

1. Find your customer’s problem and fix it!

Pay attention. Listen to YOUR customers and what they want to know. Provide value to their needs and they will come back for more! If that customer is asking for help, be the first one to answer.

2. Provide valuable insight and content

Position yourself as an industry thought leader, as opposed to someone trying to sell a product. People can tell when you are too pitchy. Listen to the customer and focus on what they want. Then provide valuable content specifically for them.

3. Build genuine relationships

No one likes receiving a robotic message. We can all spot out an automatic message when we see one. Be active and genuine in every approach. If you are messaging someone tailor the message specifically for that person. Keep in touch with your potential customers like you would your friends.

4. Be active

It’s hard to do all of these things stated above without actually tuning in. Always be on the lookout for problems to solve and ways to interact with your niche. If you are active all of the time then the customer will come to you when they need advice. They might even need exactly what you are selling.

Ultimately, there are a various amount of ways to prospect for leads and sell socially. Find the way that works and continue to build off of that.