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Unraveling The Blockchain Myth

If you cringe in the midst of people discussing the innovative blockchain technology, you should know right now that you are not alone! It is a valid argument that one of the biggest threats to the pace of growth of blockchain technology is the seemingly complex nature of the technology. The natural assumption by anyone that is not IT-inclined is to dismiss blockchain as an overtly advanced and “not-in-my-league” type of technology when in fact there’s a whole lot to be gained from the use of the technology by everyone.

With this in mind, there’s no gainsaying that the fastest…

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How to Do Magic Away From Hogwarts and Turn Likes into Dollars

A process of creation of a qualitative content, whether it is a photograph or a blog post, requires tons and tons of intensive efforts. Between the concept and its actual implementation, the author faces numerous challenges, like the lack of inspiration, time, or money. In spite of this, the results of his exertions often don’t even produce enough profit to reimburse primary investments!

When finding ourselves in such situations we wonder, how great it would be to transform all “likes” from social media, where we share our “oeuvres”, into actual cash. …

The Black platform is striving to create a blockchain ecosystem that will bring transparency, democracy and efficiency to all parties in the insurance industry.

The core team members, including both founders are experienced in the insurance space. Risto Rossar, one of the two founded Insly five years ago, which is a company providing software to over 300 agents and brokers from different countries to administer all type of insurance policies. …

IINFLR was founded by three individuals of which none have previous blockchain or related crypto experience. They work together at Adaction a digital marketing agency. It is unsure how much time the three are going to be able to invest in INFLR, but it is not their only occupation. The team includes three legal experts of which one has experience in crypto and blockchain. Fabio Alves Moura, a former Diplomat and ICO advisor who is a member of several blockchain organizations and an ICO legal strategy expert. …

The Dataeum team is knowledgeable and experienced in the relevant areas required by the business and industry. I am happy to see Dataeum being the CEOs second project relating to local data generation. DenDen already had two successful fundraises and is partnering with companies like TomTom and Here. The team covers all angles for their decentralized platform and checks out on all their social media and LinkedIn accounts. They are advised by several of the top ICO advisors in the space which is a double-edged sword. These advisors are well known with their own following and platforms, but they…

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Substratum, in its common meaning, is a basis, a layer of soil beneath trees and grass. It’s a matter, which allows plants to grow and blossom. A nutritious inexhaustible environment, where roots of all flora in the world connect into a single powerful net.

The less known meaning of Substratum is a prominent open-source project. It’s a startup, which will soon unite all computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets in the world into a decentralized free-Internet network.

What is Substratum?

Our mission is to bring forth the free and fair Internet of the future by combining proven technological building blocks with emergent technologies in an…

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It is not that easy to talk about “The DAO” — one of the most successful decentralized autonomous organizations ever created — because of two reasons. Both of them take root in the project’s unbelievable (and quite inexplicable) popularity due to its contradictory nature.

The first reason is plain to see: considering all the advantages of DAOs comparing to the traditional organizations, which we’ve reviewed in this article, the failure of “The DAO” may seem like an obvious evidence of the contrary state of facts. …

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A market economy is a complicated system, which main principles have been formed about two centuries ago. Since then, market economy underwent major changes considering the involved parties, goals, potentials for the growth, yet, the basic concept of it hasn’t evolved at all.

Everything changed when blockchain technology was invented. The main idea of a market transformed, which meant that new possibilitiesemerged — possibilities to create more secure, transparent, reliable systems, which will practically demolish the middlemen class between manufacturer and consumer. Since the creation of the blockchain, its impact on the market grew exponentially, and specialists predict even more…

The Bithemoth explainer video

The Bithemoth team lacks essential industry experience. BHM is the first blockchain related project for the majority of the members and they are not advised by any seasoned industry veterans to make up for this absence. Several of the members — including the CEO — have between one and 50 LinkedIn connections and some of the devs are simultaneously working on other projects striving to achieve the same goal as Bithemoth. Muhammed Nagy with Bixer PTE Ltd. for example. Any conflict of interest here? …

Luis Wester

Luis is a marketing expert, the founder of and the author of Blockchain Maximalist and numerous articles on technology, predominantly blockchain.

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