Immigrants Will Help Build a Stronger America, and a Stronger World.

Barack Obama has been urging to make an immigration reform that became one of his lawmaking priorities during his two terms of tenure in the White House. Yes, with a very heavy heart we all know those two terms will come to an end next January. Life isn’t fair, I know!

“Baracky with the good hair” as Jimmy Fallon called him while slow jamming the news a couple months ago, has tirelessly highlighted the need to make this adjustment, and improve immigrant conditions more than ever. USA is a country of ethnical diversity, where people have immigrated for hundreds of years looking for a brighter future. The debate of the advantages vs. disadvantages of immigration has been on fire for years, while these people have become citizens, workforce and key part of the American society and history.

Despite the claims that immigrants are harming the country in various aspects, I consider that immigration contributes to life in the United States, making it a stronger in multiple ways.

Immigration detractors state that it affects the economy, takes job opportunities from Americans giving it to immigrants who are usually underpaid. They also claim that immigration affects verbal communication and the vision or perspective the world may have about the US.

Immigration actually stimulates economy, it improves employment, income and productivity, especially in growing or recovering economies, and we all know the US is coming back from a recession. Immigrants not only take jobs, they also generate them instead of taking them away. These people buy food, rent apartments; they acquire products and hire services. They even boost local businesses.

Opposite to what is believed the language and verbal communication of a country will improve due to immigrants and the languages they speak. Companies may rely on these individuals to perform very specific and important tasks, translating data or teaching people the specifics of a given language. Multilingual social groups are better paid and have better opportunities. The World is round people!

Some people in the US may also consider that the country is giving a negative image due to immigrants, this is also inaccurate. There are 11.7 million immigrants are living in the United States illegally, plus all those whose legal status changed and all of these people left their countries and families behind. Their relatives and friends will also generate money when they visit, making the US a very important touristic destination. Also in matter of human rights the US has a great chance of standing tall as a country who does its very best in order to protect the people who decided to make America their new country.

I personally consider that immigrants do help to build a stronger country for the cultural value they add to the US society with their music, food, costumes and other positive things that take place during a cultural exchange. Also, I consider immigrants have an important role when it comes to wage equality, because educated people will also look for opportunities in other countries, which can leverage the wage breach between men and women in America. Immigrants will also cooperate providing better education level to their own children, these children will grow and become future doctors, teachers or scientist that will serve America and help build it stronger.

To conclude, I am sure that immigrants will improve not the countries they move to, but the world as a whole and turn it into a place where dreams can be bought with very hard work, honesty, respect for human condition and tolerance.