Online Persian TV

Persia Online is the number one online TV and Radio application for Persian people that lets you watch local and international TV channels across the globe on your device. Also, listen to the online Radio stations from any country and watch interesting Persian videos. It has features that provide your favorite TV channel direct access from your iPad or iPhone anywhere and anytime.

You can use the application to not only watch Persian TV but to also listen to Persian Radio whenever or wherever you want. The apple free online application is made with your convenience in mind and it is very easy to use. Persia Online is the ideal way to easily watch Persian TV channels and to listen to Persian Radio.

Among the features of the TV application are
• Recording your favorite programs, films, news or whatever you like by simply pushing the button on the screen
• Capturing the funniest or most interesting parts of video with the trim tool. Editing out the boring bits and getting straight to the best part
• Editing videos into several smaller videos, recording additional videos for edition and cropping according to the way you want

The Persia Online TV Application will help you to never miss any TV program or Entertainment show since you are able to use your iPad or iPhone to watch them anywhere via broadband connection. It is the best way to share your preferred TV shows, talk shows and news via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dropbox and eMail. Find all the latest entertaining programs, talk shows and news in Persia.

The number and variety of channels is definitely huge and gives you the freedom of choice. The app is also perfect to directly listen to any Persian Radio station you want. Persia Online is a high quality irreplaceable application with long term support and regular data update service.

You can use the application abroad and if you are interested in watching Persian Television or listen to Persian Radio — this is the right app for you. Download the app if you want to improve Farsi language skills or if you are interested in our Persian national culture.

The app is often updated and the number of channels will vary. We will add more available TV channels and the app features will also expand. If you cannot find any of your favorite channels, please, contact us by email address. We look forward to hearing your new suggestions and we will definitely address your concerns.

NOTE: We have selected data from the internet, and if any unit or organization does not want us to show the content of the unit, please kindly ask us to remove the Content. We follow TV rules and regulations and we select original TV content data without artificial editions.