Trader’s Diary 01/24/2017


EURUSD 30 minutes chart.

We had a break that didn’t work out so well (circle number 1), this led us to a -34 pips loss. Now we’re waiting for a sign whether EURUSD is going up, against the red line that might be a downtrend line or if could follow south of the green line, placing us on a short side.



EURCAD 30 minutes chart.

Short on EURCAD as we had a break of “intermediary support” line. Stop loss moved to break-even.



GBPAUD 30 minutes chart.

GBPAUD didn’t break south of the “intermediary support”. Right now on circle number 2, we’re waiting for a confirmation to go long.



EURAUD 30 minutes chart.

On EURAUD we also had a false break of a support with a sudden movement against our position that led us to a -50 stop loss. Waiting for markets to show strength in one of the sides.