My road to happiness. Part 2

Time to leave! My 10 months in Iceland were coming to an end and I was excited to plan my next adventure. I always wanted to go to United States, especially Chicago because of my relatives. As long as I can remember we always kept very close relationship with them. When I was younger, my uncle use to visit us in Latvia almost every year, but my aunt unfortunately stopped coming because of the health issues. Our house was full of gifts from America. It was always a big moment to welcome them so I wanted to give that joy back. I knew that at some point when I will save enough money I will go there. That was my dream. It was so unreal when I was in Iceland and finally booking my tickets to America. I couldn’t wait! I decided that if I go there I had to make the most of it. Therefore, I planned two-month trip from Iceland with a stopover in Boston, one week in Chicago, one month in Vancouver, one month in Los Angeles and three days in Las Vegas, baby.

So…Let me start with the first stop — Boston!

It was not a pleasant start at the security control in States. They scared the shit out of me. At the security check, they asked me several questions and then I saw that they called another officer to lead me to another room for questioning. Seriously, I was about to cry, because of some reason they might not let me in. I had also a guy waiting for me at the arrivals, it was friend of my American friend in Iceland. He organized that I could stay over for that night, so I was thinking that he might leave if I do not come out soon. I was so stressed.

So, they brought me into the room with full of other strangers and officers, but it more felt like a criminal room. I saw a lot of immigrants, some are raising the voice. I was looking around and waiting my turn to be called at the desk. When it was finally my turn two officers were questioning me. I had to show them every single ticket, where I stay, with who etc. Basically, every single detail about this trip you can imagine. Well, they were quite nice to me (I guess they saw have scared I was and did not had any bad tension for this country). After like an hour I got to go out. Finally! My host was waiting and I was so happy to see him. He knew that probably I got stuck at the border control which was absolutely true. I saw city of Boston at the dark for the first time. It was quite late, but I was so ready to go out and have a drink after this long and crazy day.

It was a fun night, but at the same time feeling sad that I got to spend only one night in this city. We become good friends and I promised that I will come back. Next time to see this city in a daylight.

Next stop — windy city of Chicago.

My flight to Chicago was in the early morning. Was so excited to see my relatives for the first time in many years. My aunt picked me up at the airport and already had a plan for the upcoming days. It was November 15, quite cold, but on a day of arrival it was a beautiful sunny day. On that day, my aunt and cousins were planning to attend Ditka Dash charity marathon. This annual event is named by honoring a former American football player and coach Mike Ditka. All the runners and walkers received a mustache, aviator glasses and a race shirt just like the coach used to wear. It is a charity fundraising for the Special Olympics, world’s largest program for sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Thousands of people were participating in this marathon. When I was there I heard that around 15,000 runners were attending this marathon. It was really a fun event for a good cause.

At the marathon place next to Wrigley Field.
The view from the top

In the upcoming days, I was visiting different kind of museums, doing some shopping, went ice-skating and walked around Chicago. I must say that it might be a big city, but so clean and beautiful. My favorite place from sightseeing was the Willis tower which used to be named as the Sears tower. It is a 108-story, 1,450-foot skyscraper in the center of Chicago. Amazing view from the top and you get a chance to step one of their four glass sky decks. A bit scary feeling but it was worth that.

While in Chicago, grab a chance and to catch some game live. About my first basketball game watching Chicago Bulls I will tell you later in this blog. Chicago is a sports city. People are big fans and they will follow the game in every possible moment. You might heard names like Cubs (baseball), Chicago Bears (American football), Chicago Blackhawks (ice hockey), Chicago White Sox (baseball) and Chicago Bulls (basketball). They should be proud and they truly are.

When I came here, I was worried what to eat. In Iceland, everything was so healthy. Freshly cooked fish almost every day and other delicious homemade meals. I was not prepared for this mass of American junk food. However, I got to taste the famous Chicago’s deep dish pizza. You need a spoon for it if you would see those layers. Mmm, was good! After that you can be sure, will be full for the rest of your day.

I really enjoy my time in this city. I felt so welcomed. For sure it was not goodbyes. When I left for my next adventure I knew that it was just a matter of time when I will come back.

It was till later, Chicago!

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