Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code

Here I’am again with a new publication of my experiences towards Fullstack Developer!!! 🚀🚀

In this post, I talk about tools for developers, specifically about Visual Studio Code!

The Visual Studio Code or just VS Code its a code editor developed by giant Microsoft, focused in multiplatform. This tool work with sintax highlights, inteligent completion code, snippets and, code refactoration. And the best: free and open source software, even if it is under a proprietary license.

💡 Curiosity: VS Code is based in Electron, a framework in NodeJS for build desktop applications. That is, all is Javascript 🎉!

All configs be in a gist on Github. Access here. …

All in the life starts from begin!

Cliche but not false.

For one developer, so important then program its how the professional use tools and enviroments in your favor, during all process.

Develop also is a type of social interation, whether with a customer or a another pair. The most important is how we communicate, for this, knowing some tools and how use its powerful resource for eliminate noises between envolved people, after all, nobody want a wrong feature or bad writed code.

It all comes down to communication and organization.

Some tools like Notion, Git and, anothers its so great for this. …

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