How Consumer Behavior Has Changed

That almost every little store has a website or an online shop we know. But how did it come to that? Of course, more people are using the internet now, but did they stop going to their favorite local stores just because the items are available online? Or has online shopping more to offer than local stores?


For some people going directly to a store is not an option. A lot of stores that I am interested in, are very far away from where I live. And sometimes when I decide to drive all the way to the store, I either don’t find anything I want or I don’t find my size. So I have to drive back home again and end up ordering it online. The next thing would be that I can order whenever I want and find the best deal. There are a lot of websites which show me where I can get the best deal for the item I am looking for. Imagine going through stores and comparing the prices or driving to a store every other day to see if they’ve gotten the item that I want.

“Shopping in a store is more expensive, but you get a consultation”

That is the line that most retailers tell you. The thing is that most of the times, I already know what I want to buy. I do my research, I go to the store a couple of times, because I need to be sure that I want it before buying it and ending up not using it. Most of the times, I know more about the item than the consultant and I refuse to pay more for a service that doesn’t help me. A few years back we wanted to buy a new camera for a vacation. So we went to an electronics store to look at cameras. The consultant hurried up to come to us and sell us something. We told him that we want a very simple camera to take quick photos. We didn’t want an expensive one, since I already had one. But for the vacation we wanted a camera which, if it had gotten stolen, it wouldn’t be as expensive. He did not care about that. He just wanted to sell us an expensive one and went on and on about the features of the camera. It is not like I don’t know anything about photography, so half of the things he said weren’t true. We walked away, went to another store and bought a camera that takes great pictures and was half the price. So for me then consultation does not justify the price difference.


After reading this you must think that I buy everything online. I actually don’t. I don’t like having to pay shipping and having to wait at home for the things if I don’t want to go to the post office to pick up my order. Apparently 58% of customers are deterred by shipping costs. (1) (Abegrufen: 28.06.2017, 12:00) I like to feel the material of clothes and trying them on before buying them. I know you can send things back if they don’t fit, but I find it too complicated to pack the things into a box and having to drive to the post office to ship them. The whole purpose of ordering it, is that I don’t have to go out of the house to buy the things I want. Also in stores I hate returning things. Which is why I make sure I like what I buy, so I don’t have to return it. There are things I like to buy online, like electronics. But since I don’t get a new phone every couple of months I don’t order as much online. I also order things online that I cannot find here. The last thing I ordered was a citrus press, the one you can squeeze with your hands. I couldn’t find one here, or at least not a low-priced one. I also don’t shop a lot in stores. Mainly because I have enough things to last me a lifetime. But online shopping cannot replace the shopping experience of going to actual stores. You know the music, the smell, the coffee shops. That is the main reason why I think, that actual physical stores will not be replaced by online stores.