Never go to Yuchi medical in Mayfair and ask for Dr. LiuReal-name complaints about Dr. Liu of Yuchi medical !

Details as follows!

Warning! Never go to this place! I got to know Yuchi Medical from the RED book app,Dr. Liu is described as very excellent and skillful on the RED book app, and they promised that the quality of services and dosage would be guaranteed even though the price was lower than the market price in London of UK, so I booked the train ticket to London after consulting the customer services on Wechat and making an appointment with Dr. Liu of Yuchi Medical, honestly Dr. Liu is very good looking, and has strong sense of humor, My impression of Dr. Liu was an easygoing and trustworthy person.

I went back home gladly after the Botulinum toxin injection was done, the pinhole was almost invisible except for a little red dot. But it didn’t work after a period of time, frown lines were still very obvious and showed no signs of improvement, they cajoled me into going back for another injection which was free, but that was not what I want, I’d rather hope it worked well from the very beginning, because it’s kind a waste of time and money, and there is still no any improvement, my muscle moved seriously even after a month!

Never go to Yuchi medical in Mayfair and ask for Dr. Liu!

I asked my friend in China who is professional about medical cosmetology about this situation, she told me this was a kind of marketing strategy, in order to increase potential sales, they use lower price and lower dosage to induce customers to visit their clinic more than twice! I found out after the second visit that this Yuchi medical’s clinic in Mayfair has only 2 or 3 doctors and only a few customers, one of which like me is here for another injection, this is not even a clinic, it’s just a beauty studio at best, I’d rather choose the local clinic operated by a foreigner.

Real-name complaints about Dr. Liu of Yuchi medical !

After that I did a thorough online search for more information about Yuchi medical, they assert that the clinic is designated as a medical cosmetology center by Allergan in the UK and the doctors in Yuchi medical Mayfair are medical tutors of Harley academy.

First of all:for so-called “designated clinic” by UK Allergan medical company,as far as I search that any clinic that is licensed in UK is qualified for purchasing and using their medical products at any place even at home! The so-called “designated’ doesn’t even exist! False advertising from Yuchi medical!

Secondly:I also did an online search about Harley academy,I didn’t find the Dr. Liu of Yuchi medical!false advertising again!

Lastly, the most important and everlasting market truth I will let everyone know is:

Good things don’t come cheap, cheap goods don’t have good quality!