Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy
Lauren Besser

What does it mean? It means you re a gender bigot with ideological blinders ignoring that which conflicts with your world views

“ where have all these player-haters been for the centuries this game has dominated our nation? Men have made Hillary’s choices, and far worse, on repeat, for all of our history, to little fanfare.”

So have you missed coverage of every election where people protest these actions in men? Did you miss Bush being called a war criminal? Reagan being called murderer for his heavy handed politicking around the Iranian hostage crisis in Iran? Clinton, (Bill) being accused or rape and numerous other acts of sexual impropriety?

And it not Clinton’s (Hillary) political machinations that put people off, its the combination of bald faced lies (Sniper attacks, no one dying in Bengazi, not knowing unsecured servers cant be used for classified material when she actively FIRED a subordinate for doing the exact same thing) blatant hypocritical, and this bizarre attitude that she deserves to office simply because shes played the game a long time and is now ‘owed’.

Its the last one that is particularly galling. It suggests gaining political office has nothing to do with democratic elections and everything to do with kiss the asses of a group NON ELECTED PRIVATE PARTIES running the political parties and making back room deal outside the bounds of the law nd common decency.

On some level you fundamentally know why you have no passion or yearning for a Clinton presidency. You just dont want to push past the cognitive dissonance to fully and consciously accept it