Know More about Theory of Defense Mechanism to Improve the Quality of Intention and Consciousness

We all have our fair share of sweet, bitter, trying and learning experiences in life. We are all created in a different way that determines the manner we respond to the situations we come across. Some of us keep passing on the difficult and easy circumstances equally, while some of us get baffled with the trying situations sometimes. The bitter experiences always leave a mark in our memories in mind; sometimes light and sometimes deep. Control over these feelings is also different for people. Sometimes there are issues in our lives that leave deep scars in our thoughts that are very hard to get rid of. These feelings can be named as anxiety, depression, perplexity and tension etc. Common reasons behind these feelings are reality, expectations, society and so on. When you suppress these feeling for too long inside yourselves, they are clearly reflected in your behavior and talks. They are at extreme condition when you start to force these feelings on others, they start affecting the quality of intention and consciousness At a point of time, you even think that all of it is going to collapse and you are about to succumb. At this point, your ego comes forward and starts developing various defense mechanisms. 
Defense mechanisms provide us a shield to fight the conflicts and feuds in our life. Influence of defense mechanism are wide, these work on an unconscious level and erase the anxious feelings from your memories. Defense mechanisms are the psychological strategies brought into action by the unconscious mind to modify, delete and cure the harsh reality and unacceptable feelings to maintain one’s composition. The unconscious processes that try to manipulate the difficult feeling are repression, identification, rationalization, repression, projection and so on. 
Healthy people use different self treatments naturally throughout the life, an ego defense mechanism becomes necessary, when the dark feelings are persistent and affect the victim badly. Defense mechanisms work differently for different people. There are many explanations about theory of defense mechanism, how they are used for different personalities. Sigmund’s Freud’s structural model explains the defense mechanism theory and concept of impulses. In a brief, impulses are all based on pleasure principles, you can know more about them by reading specialized books on the same structure. 
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