Interesting reads — volume #2

Luka Peharda
Feb 10, 2017 · 3 min read

Welcome to volume #2 of interesting reads. As you can see (if you read the first one) that I’ve renamed it from “Interesting reads — week #” to “Interesting reads — volume #”. Yep, I couldn’t find enough interesting articles (I bet you thought that I’ve been lazy) on a weekly basis so now my idea is to write it once I find at least four interesting posts.

Laravel 5.4 and upgrade guides

It is already been a month from the first edition and the most notable thing during that month is the release of the new version of Laravel framework — version 5.4. I know you’ve already seen a lot of “what’s new” articles so I wanted to present articles with upgrading to Laravel Mix and Laravel Dusk.

Migrate from gulp to webpack

Mind you, I had to clear my “node_modules” directory and update node to the latest version before Laravel Mix started working.

Upgrading your test suite for Laravel 5.4

I love how Adam first uses the Browser Kit legacy package to fix existing tests without refactoring and then shows how to refactor them. So if you’re in a hurry you can just use legacy package and refactor when you can.

Automatically making monthly payments with Dusk

Although Laravel Dusk is easy-to-user browser automation intended to be used as a tool for testing APIs, Jordan managed to find a whole new use for it — he used it to automate paying off his utility bills.

What is awesome about it is that I can re-use his idea and solve some pesky and boring repetitive stuff in my daily life with only using PHP :)

How Mail.Ru Reduced Email Storage From 50 To 32 PB

Amazing to see how manages to reduce attachment storage. Interesting technical article. After reading you’ll notice that your troubles and technical difficulties are meaningless when compared to large web applications :)

Act your size

I know I sometimes get embarrassed to be a one man band and I’m not sure if my potential clients would accept that or even perceive it negatively. Do you think that times have changed and that the big companies are trying to appear as a small, agile and passionate companies?

Anyhow, Jason is encouraging us, to be honest about it.


This is an interesting WordPress package that allows you to easily create custom post type in WordPress using this awesome Laravel Eloquent inspired package. If you know your way around Eloquent then you’ll be using it in no time.

A simple pie chart in SVG

Helpful article where the author (David Gilbertson) explains how to draw pie charts (almost without touching trigonometry and math). I found the bit with aligning SVG coordinate system with cartesian coordinate system absolutely amazing!

viewBox="-1 -1 2 2"
style="transform: rotate(-0.25turn)"

Also, I laughed way too much reading this article :)

That’s all for this edition of interesting reads. Hopefully, I found something that you found at least a bit interesting and haven’t read before. If that is the case don’t hesitate to click on the little green heart.

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