Interesting reads — volume #3

Luka Peharda
Mar 17, 2017 · 3 min read

Greeting readers! Volume 3 has been in the making for the last month or so. Not because there wasn’t something to report home about, but due to my busy schedule and the snowboarding trip that I went to :)

Skateboard, Bike, Car

This one is an oldie but goodie none the less. Wonderful insight from Andrew Wilkinson (founder of MetaLab) into their development process. Do check his other stories as well. And make sure to check out MetaLab and its portfolio of customers, products, and companies.

Testing websites on Internet Explorer and MS Edge

If you need to check how your website or application looks in one of Microsoft’s browsers, make sure to visit their development center where you can download virtual machines with browsers pre-installed so you can test on your OSX or Linux machines. Great stuff!

Smallest VueJS events handler

Lately, I’ve been using VueJS a lot in my projects and until I found this tiny gem I’ve been creating custom event bus. Just to remind you, every Vue instance can be used as a global event bus.

Google Analytics Setup

Although I’ve been integrating Google Analytics for a long time, I’m amazed by the stuff written by Phillip Walton here. From how to properly load it in HTML to tracking custom data and especially tracking errors. It never occurred to me to use GA before to collect and track JavaScript errors.

Development recruiting process

There is a lot of hatred toward major IT companies recruitment process recently. Maybe I’m biased but it seems silly to me to ask theoretical programming questions on hiring interviews. How often do you need to write bubble sort in your daily coding (from top of your head)?

I admit I’ve been doing a similar thing when I was a part of recruitment team for a company where I previously worked. My go to questions were about OOP concepts — Singleton, Factory and similar. I should have been putting more effort into preparing for interview and ask them about problems that they would be solving in their daily work :(

Yesterbox — Email management technique from Tony Hsieh

If your inbox is giving you trouble, take a look at Tony Hsieh’s (CEO of Zappos) technique of dealing with emails. Basically, your daily to-do list is yesterday’s emails.

Oh, btw. Have you read his awesome book — Delivering Happiness? Awesome read which I can recommend wholeheartedly.

Using Postman to write API tests

Check out this awesome tutorial on how to use Postman to automate testing of your API. You are using Postman, right? I’ve been using it for API development it for quite some time but not for automated tests. I love that they are using plain and simple JavaScript to do that.

Misha proofreading the story :)

I hope you’ll find this issue’s articles interesting and helpful as I did. If you do, please click on the little green heart. After all, today is St. Patricks Day :)

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