Interesting reads — volume #4

Luka Peharda
Apr 3, 2017 · 4 min read

Ahoy, dear reads. It seems that time of the month has come again! Yes, you are correct — it is time for the new edition of Interesting reads. Although I’m trying to write one on a weekly basis, days just keep slipping away from me.

This time I’m bringing you a selection of JavaScript, ReactJS, WordPress, GraphQL and AWS S3 articles (among few others).

A Map To Modern JavaScript Development for 2017

I’d be so scared to start learning JavaScript from scratch if I needed to start today :) This is an awesome overview of all components, what tools are used, why are they used and what are the alternatives.

Web Developer Roadmap for 2017

While we are on the subject of maps and what developers need to know nowadays, take a look at the Web Developer Roadmap. You never know, it may surprise you with a thing or two.

For example, I never looked at Semantic UI framework before. And it looks so amazing that I can’t wait to try it out in the next project. Bootstrap is getting a bit old and its v4 release is taking ages…

Force file downloads from AWS S3

Well, this isn’t a classical “interesting read” but more of a quick tip. I needed to force a download of a file uploaded to AWS S3 via a link and found this SO question. Of course, the most helpful answer isn’t the top one (seems to me that this happens a lot lately?!)

TLDR; you can add `request-content-disposition=attachment` to query string:

WordPress like hooks in JavaScript

I really like the extensibility of WordPress and its hooks and filters. Nowadays a lot of UI is JavaScript based and there is a need for similar functionality there as well. And that is where this library really shines.

I’ve been toying with it to be able to extend plugin/theme UI from add-on plugins and it works like a charm.

ReactConf 17 Videos

A collection of all videos from this years ReactConf. Beside great React videos, there are a couple of awesome GraphQL videos.

What is GraphQL you might wonder (if you are living under a rock that is)?

GraphQL is a query language for APIs which delivers exactly what you want and nothing more.

Unlike REST, it is designed to return everything that you need (on one page) in one request. And with their event-based subscriptions, it is able to push data out. Take a look at GraphQL vs REST comparison.

At first, I wasn’t impressed with GraphQL, but the more I use it, the more benefits I see. Already there exists a lot of GraphQL libs for every framework and platform, WordPress and Laravel included (the ones I tried so far).

Should you blog on Medium

If you’re thinking to start blogging on Medium, this article from Justin Jackson will convince you. It sure did convince me :) Also, if you are already blogging on some other platform take a look why you should be also cross-posting on Medium.

Speed up Your Site With a Little Machine Learning

Interested in Machine Learning? Wondering how to start? Or are you trying to optimize your UI/UX? David Gilbertson will show you how he managed to create auto-suggestion for categorizing ads using machine learning and in the process reduce page load time by 12 seconds.

When posting and ad, a user needs to fill in the item title, description, price and choose a category from a list of over 600 categories. He is using the free tier of AWS Machine Learning service to suggest a category from item title, description, and price.

Before reading this I never even thought about reducing page load time by doing UI optimizations or using machine learning to achieve it.

As always, thank you for reading and if you find anything helpful — please click on the little green heart :)

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