Interesting reads — volume #7

Luka Peharda
Jan 31 · 4 min read

Good news, by popular demand (wink wink Zvonko) I’m continuing with Interesting reads. I know what you’re thinking — your year could not have started with better news than this :D

Inspired by Zoran Jambor and his latest issue of Interesting Bits of compounding effect of spending 5 minutes of your time daily on something and his amazing perseverance with his CSS Weekly newsletter (394 issues almost without skipping a week).

Powered by a simple trick of adding 5 minutes recurring event each working day to my calendar :)

Now that I (and Zoran mostly) have properly inspired you, let us dive deeply into this month’s compilation of interesting reads.

Oh, this year I’m planning to shake things up and add interesting books, podcasts, and tweets as well. Bold, right? :)

Only 15% of the Basecamp operations budget is spent on Ruby

Great insight into Basecamp’s server architecture expenses. It puts into perspective Ruby budget with other office spending and especially with developers’ paychecks.

My takeaway here is that you should let developers use language which they find most comfortable and productive to work with.

JRE #1309 — Naval Ravikant

If you’re not familiar with Naval Ravikant stop with what you’re doing immediately and go listen to him being interviewed by a Joe Rogan on his podcast. It’s 2 hours long but well worth it. Too many wisdom bits from Naval to summarise here. And then proceed to go through Naval’s “How to Get Rich” tweetstorm.

You’re welcome :)

“My wife has complained that OpenOffice will never print on Tuesdays”

Talk about weird bugs :) And do visit Hacker News comments to find even quirkier stuff and don’t start going down that rabbit hole if you don’t have at least an hour :D

The one with Macbook Air going blank is my favorite one. No, scratch that — this one may be even better:

After reading those, I’m not complaining about weird un-replicable bugs anymore :D

A simplified Jira clone built with React and Node

Jira clone built by Ivor Reic as a showcase product that he can build. Often developers can’t showcase code or project built for customers while interviewing or marketing themselves and this seems like a great way to do this.

I’m itching to know how do you as a developer present your self and your portfolio?

Getting Over the Fear of Launching

Reading this article written by Greh Schier is helpful in knowing that I’m not the only one with the fear of launching :)

And his quote “Working on a product prior to launching is like painting with the lights off; you have no way of knowing if it looks good. So… turn on the damn lights! 💡” is brilliant.

Shameless plug warning
As I’m struggling to finish a landing page for a product for generating collage images from your Instagram photos that I’ve kind of soft-launched ( I’m 100% sure that I’m afraid of launching it for real.

Off-Facebook Activity

You’ve probably seen this already but in an of chance that you didn’t — a list of all activities other websites and companies have shared with Facebook. Or rather activity from external places that Facebook keeps track of you. Scary.

That’s all folks for this month interesting reads! In the next release, which should be at the end of February I’ll let you know how my 5-minute recurring trick is working.

P.S. I’m adding a couple of old links (oldies but goldies) that I already had in the draft for “volume #7” that was growing mold since the start of 2018. They are now old but I believe they are still relevant.

How JavaScript works article series

Great series from SessionStack for diving deep into JavaScript.

JS Paint app

What? Web-based MS Paint remake by Isaiah Odhner. Brings back some sweet Windows 95 memories :D

Package development: run a package from a local directory

xQuick composer tip for running a package from a local directory — awesome when developing packages.

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