Interesting reads - week #1

Luka Peharda
Jan 12, 2017 · 4 min read

A good friend and a colleague of mine is curating a weekly CSS newsletter and every now and then I send him some article that I find interesting and believe that his readers will find it too. I’m really happy when one of mine links appears in a newsletter.

Also, I love to share good finds and quality articles with the rest of my colleagues. And I love getting the recommendations as well.

Soooooo, I‘m thinking of doing some sort of weekly compilation of interesting articles and contents found on the web from web developers perspective.

Not just a list with links. There are a lot of great weekly newsletter lists. I want to do a list with links but with a twist. The twist would be my comments regarding given link or article.

I’m going to share interesting content from my perspective. I’m a web developer. Well, PHP (backend) developer to be exact, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of JavaScript (frontend) and to me, it seems like I’m slowly progressing into a full-stack developer.

My current focus is on WordPress, Laravel and VueJS with a touch of ReactJS so expect the most content from this area. Of course, there will be some CSS articles, graphic resources, productivity tips and inevitable some sys admin stuff. Oh, and build tools (gulps, webpacks and the rest of the bunch).

I know that the week hasn’t passed yet but I worry if I don’t do this right now it will end up as a draft or on a list of things to do (and boy, that list keeps growing and growing). So this week’s list may not be the best that it could be but hey, it could get better you know :)

So here are some of this week’s most interesting finds.

React’s Five Fingers of Death

I’ve been dying to start with some project where I can dive into ReactJS. I’ve been a long time lurker. I even started working on a ReactJS WordPress theme but it has a low priority.

The article gives a great overview of React’s main concepts but that isn’t what I found interesting. What I found amazing is how much has the React grown from when I started work on my WP theme. I’ve never heard of High order components, or the difference between components, elements, and instances.

I know that some of these links are quite old (December of 2015. is quite old when discussing JavaScript frameworks) but I never knew about these concepts and techniques. I encourage you to read the five fingers of death article and then go through the other links given here.

Checking the Code Complexity of your App

I haven’t used code quality tools in a while (more than three years) and it seems that their installation got really easy. So I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t install them and give your current project a check. It already made me refactor some of my code :)

How I built an app with 500,000 users in 5 days on a $100 server

Besidse being a good read (you never know when and which of your weekend projects can grow unexpectedly) I wanted to discuss how I always get personally offended when someone belittles my development stack. Not sure why though. Maybe it has something to do that you (me) invested a lot of time to become good in something and maybe you choose wrong?

SVG Icon Collection

I’ve been working on redesigning my personal website and I stumble upon this great resource for SVG icons. While we’re on the subject of SVG and icons make sure to check this as well.

NodeJS Hackathon Starter

I’ve been meaning to give NodeJS a go and this seems like a good boilerplate to start with. Oh, and I definitely need to check Firebase out, it looks awesome and easy to start with.

Do you have some technology that you want to check out but waiting for a perfect project for it?

This concludes interesting finds for this week. Hopefully, you liked it and don’t resent me for wasting your time :)

Please don’t hesitate to be harsh in the comments. I can take it. I’ll probably cry a bit, buy hey, that’s life.

Luka Peharda

Written by

Web developer specialised in WordPress and Laravel

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