5 Lessons Life has taught me so far

1. If you give up, it’s over — I have given up many things in my life before: Sports, Nutrition Plans, Study plans, Wake-up Times and I even wanted to give up my own life before.

The only reason I am here today is because I was too scared to do it. I only later realized that, had I gone through with it, my life would have been over forever, but because I was forced not to give up due to my own fear I managed to create an amazing life for myself.

The only way your life can be truly bad until the end is if you give up. If you never give up, then there is always a chance to turn things around!

2. Nothing worth having comes easy — When I dropped out of college I thought chasing my passion would be the easiest thing in the world. I would just wake up every day, motivated to work and would pursue it with all my heart.

And, although I did work 10+ hour days on average, there were days where I cried myself to sleep out of fear, where I wish I would have the courage to give up and where I did not want to do it at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do, but that does not mean it was always easy.

Chasing the things that are worth it is always harder than settling for something less and it always involves a big price. But the price is always worth it.

3. Your life is on you — I moved over 12 times before I turned 13, my parents got divorced, my father used drugs, and I did not have a close friend until I was a senior in high school, which all made me a shy and reserved person.

I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, suffered from Depression multiple times and even almost committed suicide. All of which is on me!

My choices made my life be where it was. I chose to move with my parents when I could have ran away, I chose not to talk to anyone until senior year, and I chose to succumb to my own negative thoughts.

But thereafter I also chose to turn things around, to eat healthier, train harder, work more and be more caring. My girlfriend, my home, my job, my clients, my influence and my life right now are all on me as well!

Your life is in YOUR hands, not in anyone else’s. Stop complaining and pointing fingers because it will not change a thing. In the end, the choice is always yours.

4. Life is too precious to be so serious — Your past was awful, your future is dim, you have encountered pain and suffering and sadness and you are broke as hell. AWESOME! Sounds like an adventure!

The way you look at life changes how you live your life, but if you take everything seriously then you will live your life filled with stress.

I have seen this in every class, every job and every event I was at; people that were so depressed, stressed and sad over problems they cannot solve or things that aren’t certain.

Stop taking everything so seriously and learn to laugh at the events of your life. Even if it won’t solve it it will make it a lot easier to tackle and you will live a far better life!

5. In the end, what matters is that you lived your life the way you wanted to — At the end of your life you do not have to show any of your achievements, do not have to justify your life to anyone else and you won’t have to be put on trial for what you’ve done.

All that matters at the end is that you are satisfied with the choices you made; what matters is how you lived according to your own rules!

Follow your own intuition, always, do what you want to do without remorse and become fully passionate about everything you start. Live life by your own means and do what you want no matter how many people tell you it is crazy, stupid or bullshit.

Live according to your own rules and screw the world. Take the courage and create a life that was worth living!

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Originally published at www.quora.com.