Are Your Resolutions Going To Run You?

At the beginning of every year you make some amazing Resolutions:

I am going to finally lose that weight and get that sixpack.

I will quit my job and follow my passion.

I will spend more time with my family and less time in front of the TV.

Although these resolutions are fantastic, and definitely worth trying, they become a pain as soon as you loose track of them.

Everything is fine in January, maybe even in February, but then you miss a day going to the gym or you realize you still haven’t quit your job and you get scared.

You stress yourself out, worry that this year will be like the last and end up trying to avoid the Resolution you so motivationally set altogether. You let your Resolution take control over you.

The truth is that every year over 90% of all Resolutions are never met because people give up on them.

It is natural to forget, to miss a day, even to screw up every once in a while; no is perfect. But that doesn’t mean that one day should determine the entire Resolution, or that by messing up, you are worth any less than you were before.

It is just a Goal!

If you meet your Resolution, great! But if you don’t it will not kill you.

When you mess up just start over, if you forget today, make sure you don’t tomorrow, and if you realize you didn’t follow through with the Resolution realize that it was never necessary for you to meet it.

The Resolutions you set for this year are something that you want to see in your life, and the only one dissapointed when you do not meet them is you.

You are doing this for you, not for anyone else, and you are doing this because you want to, not because you have to.

Remember that before you give up on it entirely and make the Resolution work anyway.

Run your New Year’s Resolution instead of being run by it.