Change your Life NOW

What now?!

What will you do now?

Your life is what it is. Period.

No complaining, no adjusting the reality, no lying, no hiding and no closing your eyes and wishing it to go away will change that!!

No matter what you do, your life is what it is right now.

You cannot change that right now.

You had the opportunity to change it over and over and over again, but right now you are stuck with this life.


Will you stay stuck?

Will you leave your life the way it is?

Or will you move on to greater things, power through the difficult times, hustle more than you did before, and push yourself to stand up once more?

What will you do NOW?

Yes, your life may be shit.

Yes, you have had difficult times.

Yes, the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

And yes, you will get hurt again.

But so what?

None of that will change if you keep complaining!

However… if you move on, if you do something different today, if you push to be more today than you were yesterday, then your life will transform.

It won’t transform today.

It won’t transform tomorrow.

It won’t transform next week.

But the more you work on it, the harder you hustle, the faster it will transform.

And it all depends on what you decide to do right now.

You can decide to keep reading here on Quora.

You can decide to keep looking for more motivation.

Or you can decide to get off your ass and do something right NOW!

I DARE YOU to do get off your ass right now and to do something.

I DARE YOU to do something new today that you haven’t done before.

I DARE YOU to challenge yourself to be greater today.

I DARE YOU to be better than you were yesterday.

I dare you to live a larger life today!

Are you up to that challenge?

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