What to do when you have Low Motivation and Low Energy

Let me take a wild stab in the dark here:

  • You are spending a lot of time watching TV/playing video games
  • You do this because nothing is interesting and this is at least somewhat entertaining, a.k.a. it’s the next best thing to do.
  • You do not go outside much or plan events
  • Your friends don’t invite you to anything and you have no real desire to plan anything fun
  • You hardly exercise
  • Maybe you go to the gym once a week, but even that falls behind sometimes
  • You avoid talking to people and want to be alone
  • You do not answer people right away and then forget about it later because it isn’t that important to you

How many did I get right?

If you experience any of these or all of them it just shows that you are not investing in yourself.

You are not really serious about anything and do not want to be.

If you were at all serious about living a better life you would actually start to give a damn about your situation and change!

But that means you have to start investing in yourself, even if it is not going to be easy.

First of all, don’t believe me and prove it yourself.

Whatever you spend most of your time doing, even if it is nothing, check how you feel before and afterwards.

Put “feeling good” on a 1–10 scale and give a number before the event and afterwards.

If you are watching TV a lot you will find that you hardly feel better afterwards, if at all, and most often will actually feel less energetic and motivated.

Try the same thing while forcing yourself to do some work, going to the gym or talking to people.

Even though starting the work, actually going to the gym and opening up a conversation will be much more difficult than turning on the TV, the rewards will be substantially different!

The reason you are having such low energy and motivation to do anything is because you don’t do anything!

If you force yourself to do something the motivation and energy for it will come!!

For now that just means you have to pick something to do and do it.

Spend time looking at more science stuff and figuring out how it works, even if it is uninteresting at first (For a lack of resources you can go here to get some inspiration: StumbleUpon).

Or pend time working out even if you have no motivation to do so.

But do it regardless of how you feel about it!

You will not feel motivated to do it, and will actually lose interest quite fast, but just keep going.

Do 60 minutes every day for just 7 days and see if that changes things.

I guarantee you will have more energy just doing that!

The more you force yourself to do the more your energy, motivation and excitement will go up!

All you gotta do is start!