Don’t Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding

Lukas Bihary
Nov 27, 2018 · 2 min read

As you may correctly suspect, this article will be a chapter summary from Jordan Peterson’s book called 12 rules for life.

Jordan starts a chapter by stating, that he used to watch kids skateboard on the street where he worked. These kids were young teenagers. On the street, there was long railing, which was going down some shallow stars. These teenagers were sliding down the railing on their skateboards, which is kind of crazy if you realise how much pain they had to go through, when they land on those stairs…

University made this children stop to do this, and Peterson complain about this a LOT! Why?

He argues, that he liked watching those kids, watching skateboarders do those crazy things, because they are trying to become competent. They facing danger. They want to master this skill — facing the danger.

When you watch kids doing such a thing you might think that it is either courageous or stupid (which is sometimes really hard to distinguish). But they are brave! And when they do it, it is amazing! It’s impossible to do that. You jump in the air, you grab your skateboard, you balance on the rail, you slide for 20 feet and price for failure is splits on the rail, when you land with your head on a ground first.

Those kids were practising being courageous. They were practising, mastering something in the face of danger. So leave those kids alone. And don’t bother them, when they are skateboarding.

Watch a video, if you want to know more:

Lukas Bihary

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