Hillary Clinton, a killer (proclaimed) above the law

There are 9 days left before the most terrible mistake in the modern American history is made.

Blatant impudence, barefaced lie, sordid treachery, scandalous revelations, corruption, and contract killings on top of that — those have been all elements of the most dishonest presidential race ever known. Sadly enough, really vital things are usually left without any due attention amid that going for fat sensations. Say, in early September Madam Clinton once again managed to escape the criminal charge in the aftermath of her careless use of the unsecured messaging system. Meanwhile it was exactly due to that very negligence of the present presidential candidate, the handling of classified information on a private server, which entailed the death of several American citizens in Benghazi 4 years ago. Now fancy what sort of pressure on part of the authorities the relatives of Christopher Stevens have to face in the court. They openly blame Hillary Clinton for his death. This small almost unnoticed “war” of Christopher Stevens’ family just seeking justice is actually the biggest eye-opener in wake of the current presidential race. The person blamed for killing is a footstep away from the presidential chair.

There is a petition on care2petition demanding for the presidential candidate Clinton to be brought to answer as a person bearing responsibility for umpteen crimes against the peoples of North Africa and Middle East. And our signatures under this petition could become our smallest contribution to supporting the family of our betrayed fellow citizen.