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I’d like to share 3 stories with you. 3 encounters that changed my life thanks to simple visualizations that help me tell better stories every day. I’ve been fortunate to meet many inspiring leaders over the years and I’ve been secretly watching how they do things, how they craft strategies, and tell stories with data. Here are 3 things that I probably use at least once a week.

Please, don’t forget that these tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Few times I heard stuff like “let’s train a neural network model based on raw ads impression data that…

Or can you excite, align, and lead people with it?

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I remember one of our monthly leadership meetings like it was just yesterday. We went through our monthly performance in the form of our P&L (also known as Income statement or Profit & Loss statement), highlighting a few things and the biggest changes from the previous month and our plans. Talking about it for a bit and moving on to plans for specific teams for the upcoming month. And I just caught myself nodding my head and not really trying to go deeper and understand all the different drivers. …

Things were slightly different when there were just the 4 of us then they are today (140+). I talked to the customers about their pain points, I did the A/B testing, we built the MVP from ideation to delivery in one small room of 20 m² in under 3 months. I’ve tried to summarize the lessons we’ve learned and what hurt us on the way — mainly in the area of product, strategy & team.

I got inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine (Product manager), we were talking about all the struggles we are going through, how…

Technologies taking care of their users, new ways of dealing with traditional business like insurance, and improving tiresome, annoying everyday routines in ways we don’t expect and can’t imagine today. I've tried to summarize my thoughts about the upcoming years.

Europe is ahead of the game

Let me start by saying this: I believe Europe is more technologically advanced than the US. And paradoxically, I think that Central Europe is — at least in certain areas — ahead of the West in terms of the latest tech.

Take banks, for example.

Historically, we’ve always been late bloomers, and technological advancement here came a bit later than…

Greetings from Estonia where I just had the opportunity to talk about hacking and social engineering (my favorite hobby). Huge thanks to the PyCon Estonia organizers who gave me the opportunity to talk about this topic, I believe it’s crucial to spread the message. If you are interested in the slides, you can find them below.

Long story short — hecnul jsem se a dávám dohromady album a živé vystoupení. V září můžete dorazit na první koncert s klavírem, smyčcovým kvartetem a analogovými synťáky. Rád bych ale začal trochu jiným (ne úplně pozitivním) osobním příběhem, který se moc často na sociálních sítích nesdílí.

Když tě to prostě sejme

Taky máte občas moment, kdy se cítíte na dně? Řešíte věci jako proč tu vlastně jste, něco se vám nedaří nebo vám přestává dávat smysl to, co děláte? Popř. začínáte pochybovat sami o sobě, cítíte se neustále pod (rostoucím) tlakem, slyšíte (od investorů), že nejste dostatečně dobří, řešíte, jak se vůbec můžete dále…

Imagine it’s a lovely Saturday morning and your whole customer database just leaked. Huge (and not just GDPR) nightmare, right? And imagine that it was thanks to just one simple e-mail and 2 clicks from one of your team members. Over the last couple of years, I was able to gain access to people’s accounts on Facebook, LastPass, Google, Slack and many more. And even to this day, it’s still scary for me to see how easy that is.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been testing my colleagues to see how they are doing when they are faced…


I always think about data as something that can only tell you the truth. Of course, there are times when we are finding stories and correlations in data that are not necessarily there. But there are a lot of dirty tricks, and one of them is changing the baseline of your axis in a chart (from zero to infinity). Simple trick almost as old as humanity itself that is overused by our politicians and local televisions trying to share their profound data insights about the economy, life, and everything else.

I mean, why would you do that? It took me…

Lukas Hurych

Changing the world of finance by day (Chief Product Officer @ Twisto), past & Telling a story with music composition by night.

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