A letter to me.

Dear future me,

How are you doing?

Life is hard, isn’t it?

I just hope, you do still survive, although, I’m not even sure.

I know, i know. It must be so miserable for you.

So miserable.

But, the passion is still there! yeah, still there.. I believe…

I believe.. it had faded a long time ago, I know it.

So, how about people then? You still let them be around, do you?

Do you?

What do you do for living? Where are you heading to?

Where are you heading to?

I know, it’s so horrifying. It scares you so much, isn’t it?

I won’t ask you who you are though. (NO, STOP, don’t kill urself, I promise, I won’t ask again. I know how terrifying they are.)

It seems that you really have lost everything in your life.

It’s my fault. I know it’s really my fault, that you regret your whole life all the time. I feel so sorry for you, to have me as your past.


I hope you still have not given up your life.

Because you still have one more chance.

I don’t know if at your time, time travel is possible, but this is it.

Now is, your only chance, to change everything.

Do your best.

Best regards,