If you are in a meeting and feel you don’t need to be there, let people know, and unless anyone wants you to stay, then get up and leave. No-one is going to be offended.
Paul Adams

Great rules for running a meeting!

I would add that if you stay (because you feel you should be there or someone ask you to) — be an active participant.

I sometimes meet people who point out all the mistakes, all the untold things not to improve the meeting or any future ones, but to boost their ego.

Good meetings happen not only by good planning and running, but also by good and quality participation.

Being a good meeting owner requires not only knowledge of good practices, but also experience doing so — and the quality feedback from participants and their empathy towards the owner are crucial for developing the skills to run good meetings.

And also this by Jared M. Spoolhttps://medium.com/uie-brain-sparks/the-one-minute-test-68738cb111ea

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