Put down your phone. Now. Use an app like Focus Lock to banish you from social media for a few hours. Go old school and use an egg timer. Say no to seeing that friend. Yet another lunch date can wait, your idea cannot. Just start.
Whatever You Do, Just Start.
Bianca Bass

This is so important!
I struggled to find time for the things that are most important for me too (I thought it was impossible for me to stick to the daily writing schedule) when I finally realized that I have to make time, not find it. So, I completely reordered my daily work schedule so that it reflects my true priorities.

  • I write every day for at least 3 hours 365 days per year (weekends, holidays, vacation)
  • The time in which I write is sacred
  • I have one playlist playing while I’m writing — no hopping
  • I don’t meet before 1:00 pm
  • I don’t make phone calls before 1:00 pm
  • I spend a maximum of 10 min on Twitter daily, in which I mostly share other people’s articles and connect with them
  • I never check email before 12:30 pm
  • I never check my social media accounts while I’m writing
  • I do things in chunks (email, phone, social media, meetings, payments, purchases)
  • I check my email only twice daily (at 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm)
  • I constantly look for activities that I can eliminate or delegate
  • I avoid meetings (keep my meetings as short as possible)
  • I have my iPod Touch and charger with me at all times (for note taking, I write ideas down the moment they pop up in my head)
  • I don’t engage in discussions about hypothetical scenarios (I discuss factual or almost certain events)
  • I don’t waste my time on lengthy discussions with haters or trolls
  • I drink water (a lot of it)
  • I take regular breaks (I use pomodoro technique)
  • I listen to audiobooks during my pomodoro breaks
  • I sit in a comfortable position (preferably with my back straight)
  • I review my daily schedule once every two weeks and look for things that I can eliminate or improve.

Apart from being a blogger and writer I am also part time freelance consultant for things like communication, disputes, negotiations and some legal issues so the change was totally doable for me, I only needed to take a closer look at what my day looked like, what did it tell me about my life and what my true priorities were.

I know that such a radical change might not be possible for some of you but I bet at least some changes can be made to free up some time even if you work full time.