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Do you know what is Betteridge’s law of headlines? For those of you who don’t know and don’t feel like googling it let me quickly explain. Betteridge’s law is a journalism adage that states that if the title of the article is a question then the answer is probably no. Think for a sec about tabloid newspapers. “Did X sleep with Y?”. If he had slept then they would write “X slept with Y. We have a video” (or something similar).

One more digression: the way I started this article is almost the same how Piotr Przybył started his presentation @BoilingFrogs 2018. …

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Recently I was asked to implement CollectionView with sections on Xamarin.iOS. In that project, we were using MVVMCross. I knew there is an option to do it on iOS native, so I thought of a solution on how to do it in Xamarin. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a sample code so I had to figure it out on my own 😢

In this article, I will show you how to implement Sectioned UICollectionView on Xamarin. …

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If you ask a Xamarin developer what could be changed in Xamarin development, they would for sure mention one of the following:

and so on...and if I’m being honest, the answers above are right. But hey, we are the developers! If Microsoft won’t give us these features, let’s try to find workarounds or invent something on our own.

There are several libraries and IDE extensions that make our lives easier. …


Łukasz Ławicki

Xamarin developer from Wroclaw, PL

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