Since you say you can’t explain it, I will try to explain it to myself. The disconnect starts here:
Paul Mayo

This is spot on. Exactly what I wanted to say but just don’t have enough skills (English not being my mother tongue).

It is so obvious from the article that the author does not only makes up stories, overthinking or over-interpreting things, but has communication issues foremost.

Besides that, she is full of prejudices herself. She sees a man and feels potential danger. What would be the other reason the she feels obliged or forced to behave certain way? Why can’t simply say “no, thank you”?. She interprets a simple act of kindness (let it be clumsy) as an act of sexism. Common, even if guy had some intentions, that you pay some attention to him, etc… it is just day to day social need of communication and being noticed. Otherwise we would be spending our life’s in basements or in front of TV.

Author is also not convincing since she mentions millions of ways and times it happens to her yet she choses such trivial and unclear example (opening the door). Is she gave more visceral examples, it would be more convincing. Otherwise it is

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