Vice is a website and print magazine focused on culture, arts and latest news. It was founded in 1994 in Canada. The magazine later expanded into Vice Media, which consists of divisions including the magazine and website, a film production company and publishing imprint.

The content is presented in a modern and comfortable way for everyone. Each article respectively includes videos, photos and other media platforms. There is an “Opinion” section which gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts and reactions to current issues. Vice is not based on particular political views and it is a thing making publications more attractive.

In 2008, Shane Smith, co-founder of Vice, was asked by The Guardian about the magazine’s political allegiances and he pointed, “We’re not trying to say anything politically in a paradigmatic left/right way … We don’t do that because we don’t believe in either side. Are my politics Democrat or Republican? I think both are horrific. And it doesn’t matter anyway. Money runs America; money runs everywhere.”

I chose a publication from Education section “How to Treat Teachers, According to Teachers”. There is talking about this day topical problem facing by teachers. That kind of story would not be published in some of the websites because of a simple reason as it is unfavorable for left wing politicians.

I definitely agree with written opinion. The teachers profession is one of the worst paid in the world. They face not only the students’ lack of respect, but sometimes it is felt event from parents.

According to that story, we see that there is a lot of different ways how students put pressure on teachers — from using phones during the lessons to making jokes about your black teacher, who is teaching at a predominantly white school.

That is absolutely disappointing and right now when you are adult, there is nothing left just to admit it as a truth. Being a teenager, you do not care too much about it and just try to be like the vast majority of class.

This BIG problem cannot be stopped just by physical punishment or something like that. It is something deeply in each of us individual. As more we are going to talk about it, more people will be reached and this is the most useful way fight against that.

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