Professors & Staff Arrested for Trading in Child Rape
Lori Handrahan

one thing that’s sort of scary about this… knowing the CIA, NSA, etc’s power of hacking, monitoring, controlling media, and their usage of malware/viruses…

they can PLANT data in people’s computers too. So they can destroy people.

In fact, if they wanted to, in order to protect themselves, couldn’t they technically do a quick survey of all those trying to FIGHT it and EXPOSE it, and then start PLANTING the illegal stuff on those people’s computers, then go after them, arrest the, speed them through trials, and put them away… …and you know the stereotypes about what happens to those sorts of people in prisons… right?

I recall reading a story about an investigative journalist who was investigating government corruption (i think in california, maybe regarding a mayor), who was arrested for it… and managed to know just the right person to discover and PROVE that the stuff was PLANTED in his laptop using a backdoor virus of some sort…

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