Community-as-a-Service for Community Managers

  1. To facilitate interactions within the community.
  2. To enable the members to take advantage of, and contribute to, this community.
  3. For the members to achieve a sense of belonging.
  1. Maintain a private network: With a single recognisable identifier of membership, it creates a private network of qualified people (e.g. no Zoom-bombing).
  2. Provide / facilitate content exchange: People are innately curious and are interested in relevant, frequent and engaging content — pique their interest and members will keep checking in (e.g. updates, posts, talks).
  3. Foster an open community: So that everyone in membership can interact easily, to create occasions or channels for convenient communication (e.g. student dormitories; weekly ‘cell’ groups or bible studies; monthly trade association meetings).
  4. Understand communities are functional and social: People get together for various reasons and are not 100% functional (e.g. Nadella wanting that two minutes before and after meetings; universities being social as much as academic; churches and mosques being about friendship as much as it is about faith).
  5. Recognise communities transcend geographies: In a globalised world, groups are no longer limited to physical proximity (e.g. a regional trade association; a global accelerator programme; an MNC).
  1. Authenticated platform: A singular platform for an entire managed community to be on. A private authenticated network accessible only by qualified individuals of a community.
  2. Social as a core tenet: Social network functionality to post and share interesting content on a feed for content discovery.
  3. Optimise with data: Ability for community managers to keep tabs on their community and inform strategy via real-time insights to keep track of engagement by way of session time, user logins, trending content, etc.
  4. Centralised communication hub:




Startup ecosystem development at SMU, Growth at Raftr, ex-founder, lawyer, home cook…

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Luke Wu

Luke Wu

Startup ecosystem development at SMU, Growth at Raftr, ex-founder, lawyer, home cook…

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