What if money was not object? If Alan Watts went to Paris.

What do you desire? Alan Watts (1915–1973), a British philosopher, brings into focus what is important in life. Most inspirational videos are full of empty rhetoric, but sometimes there are words that have stood the test of time worth passing on. Have a listen as you take in the most grand residences on offer through Airbnb in Paris. They say the anticipation of a holiday can be as good as the holiday itself. I believe that and hopefully this inspires you to anticipate your next holiday. You never know when something small will change your life.

The Dream Holidays

The first of many reviews, here is a quick look at some of the amazing residences on offer through home sharing platforms like Airbnb. Every now and again we will pick one city and salivate over the best experiences on offer across the globe. Alan Watts holidayed through France during his teenage years. While he may not have been able to afford the $10,525 per night for the Chateau de Montmorency, I am sure he would have approved of the people choosing to spend their time there.

The Chateaus

I was going to pick the best house & apartment from each city we could find and then simply pass them on, easy. My first problem was trying to split these two amazing French Chateaus, so after a couple of coffees and a few headaches I just decided it was better you get to see them both, problem solved! The more Chateaus in Paris the better I say.

Chateau in Paris Versailles

Click here to see all ten bedrooms in this 1825 mansion & maybe even book it for your next holiday…

Chateau de Montmorency

Click here to see more of what you get for just over $10,000 per night…

After dark in Saint-Germain

Just in case the Chateau lifestyle is a bit dusty for you or if you need a few more neon lights to keep you up after dark, heres somewhere that promises ultra modern luxury for a change.

Click here and to see more of this luxury apartment at just over $3,500 per night, don’t worry there is plenty more neon…

I’m on a boat

If you don’t really like staying in traditional hotels, or even staying on land at all there is still a place for you on Airbnb. This luxury boat abutting the picturesque Pont Alexandre III looks like an unforgettable experience. The bridge, which links the Champs-Élysées with the Eiffel Tower, is as unbelievable a location as is the interior of the boat, we never thought we would say this, but wait until you see the kitchen.

Click here to see more of this incredible luxury boat with fifty-four more drool-inducing photos…

What should we do now that money is an object?

If you are like us and are living under the presumption that this is the only swing of the bat we get in life, we have some advice. Most people just don’t work out what they want, or how to get it. We procrastinate, compromise and distract ourselves into a life that eventually becomes someone else’s. Whether it is your boss, children, parents, family, friends or a combination of all five we give a lot to people and often get into the habit of putting off our dreams. Technology has given us the opportunity to be more mobile, so if travelling is on your bucket list there are no excuses. Do something for yourself, book a flight, hand in your leave form, quit your job, get a new one or just free yourself up in any way you can to enjoy life, chances are you only get one. You don’t need to spend $10,000 a night on a Chateau in France, but I heard there is a guy on the coast in a place called Aquitaine that will rent you his vintage camper van