Passive Earning with Video Farming

My main app for my phone farm is Perk TV. I have it running on 4 phones and a tablet all day, and it makes about $1 a day. It only streams for about 3 hours without interaction, but it is really stable and runs well. In 4 months I’ve made almost $100 from Perk, which is redeemable for gift cards. You can also get PayPal cash, but the Perk Points are worth about 23% less than if you get Amazon gift cards, which I believe to be the best deal for your points. I expect to make over $25 a month going forward, as I started with 1 phone and a tablet, adding 2 phones a month later, and 1 more phone a month later.

You can also use App Trailer to boost your Perk earnings. It is run by the same company, just sign in with the same username and password. The obnoxious thing about App Trailer is that it stops earning after half an hour. If you are around your phones, it’s not a problem because you can just go tap a button to keep the party going. I used to immediately switch from Perk TV to App Trailers and then go mess with my phones every half hour, but it got obnoxious. Additionally, sometimes it will run adds that require interaction, so unless you check on it every few minutes it might stop earning without you noticing. So I just keep it on Perk TV and restart it a few times a day. When I get up, when I get home from working out, when I get home for lunch, get home for the day, and before bed. 5 checks and I make $1 a day. With App Trailer use you can potentially boost that by quite a bit.

I’ve been testing out Cash Magnet for a little while and have had mixed results with it. While it seems to earn quite a bit more than Perk, it crashes and has glitches more often. Its instructions are also unclear. If you want to earn more points per day, you have to give the app more control over the phone or download certain apps. Definitely one to only have on your farming phones. I made about $15 in about 10 or 12 days, but got fed up with its glitches and crashes. As of two days ago, I’m trying it out again. It seems to be running much better, with more intelligible instructions on how to level up. I’ve made about 50 cents in 2 days running it on one phone at a time (one of the ones usually dedicated to Perk). It has the potential to be a great earner, if it can get the bugs worked out. Plus, you can redeem it for gift cards or PayPal.

Fit Play is one I recently started using successfully. It shows you a couple apps to download, you download and run them, and it periodically gives you points for having the app open on your screen. It was paying out a lot of points for the first 5 days (about $5–6 total for a couple hours a day on my main phone) but it seems to be getting stingy since over the past three of four days. At first I could earn over 100 points for a minute or 200–300 per 5 or ten minute period. The more you use an app, the longer the interval of time to earn points. Now it takes an hour to earn 300 points for some of the older apps. It now gives me one app to download every day or two, and the most recent one paid 20 points per minute. $5 is just under 49,000 points, so earning 20 points every minute or two is going to make it hard to get much more. However, two things in its favor is that it pays out very quickly and will let you cash out for PayPal cash.

The last one I’ll mention that I’ve had great success with is not actually an app, but a website. lets you earn points for doing micro tasks like downloading an app or signing up for an email subscription. It also has surveys through different companies such as Peanut Labs. The best feature for passive earning, I think, is the video watching capability through its partner websites. EngagemeTv and SmoresTV are both excellent earners. I have an old laptop I use, and run SmoresTV all day every day, and make about $1 a day. You have to have the volume turned on, but it doesn’t say how loud. I have it on the lowest volume setting possible, the screen brightness all the way down, and on the lowest power usage setting. If you hit the max on one of the sites in a day, you can switch to the other. I’ve tried running both at the same time in different windows, but it doesn’t seem to earn me any more points. I’m going to try it with different browsers and see if that makes a difference. There does seem to be issues with both of those sites occasionally, such as not earning much for a couple days at a time. I’ve had really good luck with reaching out to the support team for S’moresTV, EngagemeTV, and Grindabuck. They are more than happy to help once they know about an issue.

With 5 phones (4 in the farm and 1 daily use phone) and a old junky laptop I am able to make around $65 a month. I started with 2 phones (old daily phone and new daily phone), a tablet, and a laptop. After two months I bought two phones online with charging cables for $90 with shipping. One phone was given to me by a friend who was upgrading, The laptop is one I bought 4 years ago and hardly ever use anymore. It was just sitting in my office collecting dust. So for an investment of $90, donated/upgraded phones, and my preexisting power and internet bills I am able to generate an expected $780 per year. It isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but it is nice to have a little extra money near the holidays (I shop mainly on Amazon for presents, so the gift card option of most of these apps is great). Any of the money I can make through PayPal goes into my Stash account to hopefully make me even more money.

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