Sunday. 19 February. 2017 2:07 pm

I’m back from college.. I didn’t get to meet the girl but that’s alright I didn’t really want to anyway.. college was okay I have some classes my first class was 8:00 am but the teacher didn’t come so I spent 2 hours with my Friend Abrar she’s pretty it was nice talking to her we talked so much about all kinds of different topics then my friend Hattan came he’s lucky he doesn’t have classes till 10:30 I’m jealous~ I went to college on the bus today which I don’t really mind.. though I really wanted my dad to drive me there but he’s busy with work.. well at least he picked me up from college! And we talked so much about English and he gave me the typical dad jokes, call me out of fashion but I love those jokes and I love my dad very very much he’s the only man that I love in my life! Hehe he’s my role model!.. anyways.. my mom is in the hospital with my aunt.. my aunt is very sick. She’s always sick I guess it’s where I got it from ×//-//×; anyways my mom is staying with her for the day I hope my mom comes back soon and my aunt goes out of the hospital soon.. speaking of the hospital.. my surgery has been canceled… my mom doesn’t want me to do it at least not now because I have college.. which is a problem because part of me wants to have the surgery because I’m trying to avoiding college.. *sighs* I’m an idiot I know, but it really stresses me so much I wish I can quit.. but I won’t I promised a dear person to me that I won’t, so I must fight for it!.. speaking of which.. I miss that person I deleted my whatsapp so I can get over them, but I really really really really really really miss them *sigh* I wish I can talk to them.. but I mustn’t. I have to be strong.. I’m depressed lately though I feel like I don’t want to do anything in life I’m like a dead corpse walking.. u//^//u I sleep too much I don’t eat well I don’t speak to anyone anymore all I want to do is sit in my room and let the world disappear.. hopefully I can come back to sense soon I really don’t want to feel this way it’s painful especially because I can’t trust people anymore I never tell anyone about how I really feel and talking with my friends today made me realise how awkward I am.. ugh I can never be a normal human.. and honestly I don’t want to be. humans are not trust worthy to me… anyway I won’t be writing anymore today unless something happens which I doubt it will.. my life is very very boring.. so goodnight people of the world

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