Tuesday. 21 February. 2017. 8:34 pm

Nothing much happened today it was just a boring day.. I didn’t go to college because I only had 2 classes and my teachers apologized saying they’re not coming.. it’s good I really needed a break from college though it didn’t change anything really I was just bored. I didn’t talk to Alex much today even though we talk everyday well I didn’t talk to anyone today .. it’s okay though I just feel like I don’t care anymore.. I’m still thinking about her.. like what’s she doing who is she with how’s her life going.. *sigh* she’s probably asleep now because it’s late there. I don’t feel good today I feel sick and depressed and bored it feels like I don’t have any emotions.. hmm It’s exactly what I used to feel a year and a half ago before I met her. It doesn’t matter though people are so annoying today I watched a movie but I was too bored so I stopped halfway it’s kinda interesting though but I’m too bored to watch yesterday I went outside from 1 am and just waited for the morning I guess it’s why I’m sick but I don’t care I’ll do it again tonight I just want to be alone with the moon and the cold.. it’s extremely cold here because of the rains but as I said it doesn’t matter I’m going out *sigh* seriously would it actually matter if I died or not? People over exaggerate when they hear that you’re sick or a suicidal or depressed *sigh* I don’t want anyone to care if I got out till 5 am it’s none of their business.. I absolutely hate when people pretend to care it’s so.. disgusting. You can never trust them they ALL leave no matter who they are no matter what they say they all live and I know it’s silly of my to assume that all humans are the same but I’ve seen people I know how they work they all leave one way or another which is why no one is ever getting near me I got fooled twice by people promising that they will never leave one is a family member and one who I’ve talked about far too much in my blogs the Ex.. lies lies lies it’s everyone on this miserable planet say including myself of course I’m not saying that I’m perfect no I’m far away from that which I don’t care about.

Anyways today sucked and tomorrow will suck as well and so will the rest of my life because I will be alone which is not a bad thing I rather be alone, crippled and dying than be near any disgusting human but it’s hard to do that because for some reason people like to be near me and befriend me stupid stupid people so annoying once they leave I’ll cut all the connections with them I don’t need human trash near me I have a growing hatred to everyone for some reason even my family I don’t want them near me.. seriously can’t you get that I don’t want to be touched or near anyone? So fucking stupid! Ugh I need to calm down my blood pressure is high..

Anyway so I’m going back to drawing soon I’ve charged the Tablet finally and looks like the charger is finally working I’m happy about that I’ll start drawing real soon I just hope I didn’t lose my “talent” hah like it was ever there in the first place…

If you ever know me in real life please just stay away from me I hate you and I don’t care if I don’t know you just Fuck off

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