By Bit Brain

Do you remember when I wrote about “Private Blockchains”? You should, it was less than two weeks ago.

Perhaps you remember some of these quotes — all taken from the post linked to above:

“Private blockchains will never be a threat to cryptocurrencies as a whole. They…

By Lukas M

Onboarding Your Friends to EOS via Gift Cards

Do you have a friend who is hesitant to try out the EOS blockchain? Who is interested but did not yet find the right motivation to start learning about blockchain/crypto/private-keys…? Consider giving him an EOS present! …

By Conceptskip

Since its proposal by the man Dan, last August, the EOS community has been asking “When Rex” as lots of hopes are tied to its implementation. Watch the — highly recommended — video by EOS Weekly or read one of my article how it might alleviate on-chain collusion.

Finally the REX code has become a system contract and it’s now possible to buy REX for staking ressources to REX and earning rewards for it. And as it is Labour Day in many countries, what better to do then starting to earning some passive income?
Remarkably there are a lot of options available already:


By Jan

Time flies and the 2 demo portfolios added to the EOSpayout platform have now been live for 1 month. I thought it would be nice to do some follow up on the performance to see some real numbers.


EOSpayout is a tool to browse/discover projects on the EOS…

By Rictoken

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I would like to share the creation of my first Blanko.

For the uninitiated, Blankos ( is a new video game (MMO, massively multiplayer online) created by Mythical Games (

The feature that is making me passionate about this game, and the…

By Michael Blu

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Shout out to #GainGang Crypto Freez!! Great @brockpierce interview!

After I read some of the harsh replies to my recent B1JUNE speculation video with EverythingEOS, I took a pause, reflected and…

Hello wonderful people of TRYBE and beyond. Hope you are all doing fine since last we had the pleasure — and for all you new users out there, thanks for joining us and welcome to TRYBE!!

As hopefully you have come to know, TRYBE.ONE was born out of crypto and…

By Bit Brain

This is not a “buy now” list. It’s not a “best performers” list. It’s not a list of coins that will do well for the rest of the year or a list of my favourite projects. It’s something like a combination of all of those.

What I…

By Randy Hilarski

I Interview I.J. Maha Of UnitedCoin About Their Recent Partnership With The Cleveland Cavaliers.

UnitedCoin Made the Announcement on Facebook.

Watch the Interview with I.J. Maha.

Originally posted on on Apr 24, 2019

By Workin2005

As predicted in my last update, bitcoin broke up and out of the bullish ascending triangle in which it was consolidating. It found resistance right at the top of the prior order structure created back in November of 2018. Daily volume has spiked above $16 billion.

Luke Phoenix

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