Freelancing will soon become the norm for software developers

In my opinion, freelancing in software development will become the norm. Why? Because it provides an awesome opportunity for engineers to work and pick projects that they care about. When developers get to work on things they care about, they usually write better code, are more passionate in their overall work and usually get to work with like minded individuals who care about similar causes.

Many engineers today in my opinion end up working for companies that they aren’t passionate about. Although the code will be well written, most of the time, an engineer will sit at their desk from 9–5, do their work in a robot like way and be done with it (not all engineers are like this might I add, just in my opinion). If software developers become passionate about projects, the product or project usually evolves into something greater. Engineers themselves usually have beneficial ideas and can bring great talking points to the overall discussion which is what freelancing and open gigs will allow developers to do. Forgetting the downsides for some contractors and freelancers (keeping the pipeline full of jobs, paying for their own medical insurance, taxes etc), I think you could say that most people would enjoy working for themselves and working on things they are passionate about instead of the 9–5 they sit at everyday coding projects they don’t care about in the long run.

Toptal is an immense solution for companies looking to hire developers, and for developers looking to pick up freelance opportunities. A two sided marketplace means that developers can pick the projects they want to work on, and it also means companies will be able to hire talent that are passionate and care about their product. That is why I am highly excited to potentially join the network and the Toptal Web freelancers community. It would provide me with a way of connecting with companies and causes I care about, projects where I can write code I am passionate about while still allowing me to earn money and live my life.