Good Friends are Hard to Come by

The saying goes ‘good friends are hard to come by’, and this is very true. But really good friends, lifelong friends, those whom really get you at your core, they… are like gold dust.

Really, since I’ve always known, I have had these friends around me. These brilliant friends around me who have made growing up so secure and fun. Whether it be relationships, family, insecurities, or just foolishness, the right friends have been there at the right time when I need them, and I hope I have done the same for them. Who I am today is as much down to nurturing and self development as it is to the qualities defined so brilliantly in each of my friends. From ambitious to happy go lucky, proud, calm and kind each of them have taught me their values in their own applicable way… providing me with the kind of diversity that no school can give you… that no money can buy.

Some joined from consciousness in this world, others arrived at periodic intervals later on and really since then, how we have grown, and what we have shared together has been nothing short of amazing. Friday nights arrive now and it is no longer a forgone conclusion that at 19:00 we will be together, beer in hand preparing for the night ahead, only to repeat Saturday, hangover free, our tolerance for alcohol the given gift for the sins of our youth.

And that’s okay.

That’s okay because things change, life moves on, we learn, we grow. Throw in a few houses, girlfriends and fiancés, jobs and a couple of kids and all of a sudden we are entering the next stage of our lives without ever really knowing it.

But the foundations of the friendships we hold are built on the experiences we have shared; the ones only us know, the ones we’re ashamed of, the ones we still cry with laughter over, the ones our girlfriends can’t know, the ones we still wind each other up with… those are the memories that I will cherish forever. That’s why we re-tell the same stories when we come together and why we howl with laughter after hearing it for the thousandth time, not in sadness of a better time, but in fondness of a different time, a time we shared together. Bundle all of this up, and you have the memories that I will continue to try my uttermost to create (aside from those our girlfriends can’t know!) because they define me, and they define them… they define us.

If I was to leave this world today, I would want those dearest to know just how much each of them mean to me. That they fill me with depth and such happiness. That they enhance my life. That every time we are together I feel like a cheshire cat grinning from ear to ear, that care free 18 year old, the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders. I feel like the scene from American Pie, beer in hand, together, proclaiming the best summer ahead!

I would want them to know that they make me feel alive. And that if/when each of them ever need someone, I’ll be there for them, no matter what, just as they have always been for me.

After all, that’s what friends are for.