For a random few, posts about their coronavirus experiences on social media have taken on a viral life of their own

A photo illustration of a Twitter bird getting its temperature checked by a thermometer (held by a human hand).
Photo illustration; Image source: Michael H/Getty Images

Cracked PayPal accounts and stolen debit card numbers are sold in the open

Illustration: Glenn Harvey

The Elemental Guide to Water

Is there any benefit to drinking alkaline water, electrolyte-infused water, or ionized water?

Why some Communist foods are seeing a comeback

Photo via Cockta’s Instagram.

Cluttered phone, cluttered mind

Credit: Rob Hampson/Unsplash

Faced with lax moderation, teens are building ad hoc tools to protect their own dating servers

Illustration: Kelsey Niziolek

Copyright claiming allows the Vine stars of yesteryear to pay rent from their social media fame

Image: Chris Stokel-Walker

The case for alligators, birds, or horses as therapeutic companions

An illustration of a man hugging an alligator in a supermarket aisle.
Illustration: George Wylesol

From titanium necklaces to recovery water, superstition and pseudoscience in athletics runs rampant

Photo: Matt_Brown / Getty Images

‘If you want to get more women in the door, offer them $100,000 instead of $50,000’

Illustration: Lauryn Siegel

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