Things I want Google Home to do

There is a lot to love about Google Home, but there are a few major irks too. This is my short list.

  1. Switch audio output devices seamlessly. “Ok Google, keep playing on <device name>”.
  2. Remember what device I was streaming to and keep playing on that when a new request comes in.
  3. Let users change the assistant volume independently to other media.
  4. Switch contexts better. If I am playing music and I ask about my day, then i want to go back to music easily and not have to wait for the NPR news of the day to be over. Maybe there is a command for this, but I don’t know it. I have to start playing all over again.
  5. Be more proactive, to a fault. I’d love Google Home to ask more questions and learn even more. I know that some people will fear this, but what use is an assistant if it doesn’t know everything?
  6. Better interact with the things on my phone (and my phone in general). Simple things like “Ok Google, get me directions to <place> and send it to my phone” should be relatively straightforward. Maybe this can be something an (Android?) app developer can bundle through an Actions API/Kit?
  7. Fix the damn shopping list.