So what do I really want to do?

The idea of this module was to help me look into future careers and expand my knowledge on what really is out there and how I can achieve the career I want. Having researched photography careers I’ve decided that this is a path that I do not want to go down. Instead, I aim to look into Web Design.

I really enjoyed the process of customising my website on cargocollective, albeit wasn’t much due to my understanding of coding. So, I want to build my knowledge on coding so I could potentially start a career down this path.

Online shopfronts are becoming more popular in this digital age, the demand for high quality websites increase with it opening up jobs aspects for business big and small. Moving into this career would also allow me to freelance rather than work for a company if I felt like that’s what I wanted to do.

I will continue to use this blog to show the research I conduct on Web Design.

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