With a practical example

Hi again! Today I wanted to write about the power of CSS grids and my experience with them. …

A complete reconstruction of my portfolio

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Since creating my website I have had the pleasure to work with many different websites at work. According to my github, I had started the initial commit to my original portfolio website well over 1 year ago. I remember working hard and putting a bunch of consideration into it before committing. Responsiveness was such an issue for me back then and one of the main reasons I wanted to redo the site.

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It was my first time deploying a hosted website. I used Github Pages since it is free, and even added my domain. …

Focusing on front-end development, I decided to checkout Jekyll in depth when I heard a lot of great things about it. Static site generators have been around for a while and it seemed like web developers were using them more and more. There are a few out there and if you haven’t looked into a static site generator and looking to, I recommend checking out https://www.staticgen.com/.

If you are not using any server side code — and don’t need any type of database, a static site generator is for you. What I first enjoyed about Jekyll to be honest is that it was Mac OS preferred using RubyGems as plugins (you can still use it on windows, just not as friendly). It is also really easy to live deploy after getting started using the terminal and serves up a local URL to watch development. …

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