A lot has happened since my last post….

….including graduating from Makers Academy!!! But I shall come back to that in another post, first up I need to fill in the blanks.

Week 9: This was makerthon week, we pitched ideas of things we wanted to build and everyone could choose which project they wanted to work on. I decided to be part of the team that was to build Crowd Code, a platform for project managers to crowd source developers to work on projects.

From the get go we were very organised, spending a good 5 hours as a group discussing and diagramming how we were going to build the project. We decided that we wanted to build our app in Rails: this would allow us to practice skills we had picked up the previous week, and given the short time frame we had it would allow us to get setup quickly….and Rails is awesome.

The preceding three days were run in a very organised fashion and with military precision. We had standups every morning and halfway through the day, along with code reviews where we all became familiar with the code the other pairs (there were six of us) had written.

We had our MVP completed with a day to spare so were in a great position to add extra features and get the front-end looking amazing.

We presented our project on the friday morning to the rest of our cohort, coaches and the cohort below. There were a good 60 people in the room so a fairly nerve-racking experience for all of us, but very good practice for final projects where we would be presenting to at least double that!

I was really pleased with what we achieved in a relatively short space of time and was proud of how we all worked together so well and without any major hurdles. The key to our success was extensive planning before any code was written and constant communication between all members of the group. The repo for our project can be found here.