Paradise, Ivory Wave’s second single, does nothing to disprove anything I’ve previously noted about this band. They’re a clean sounding, cleverly put-together outfit — ably geeing up even the most lifeless of audiences into, at the very least, agreeable head nods.

Production wise, this is an extremely promising sign. It’s worrying watching bands materialise with a decent live sound. They often get like giddy children, inebriated on their own glued together fictions of where their tunes could lead them if only they had an album bashed out. And so they run to the first producer they can find, hurriedly collect together and record everything they’ve ever played, and wait — all wayfarers and cigarette smoke and dreams of champagne tour bus parties. And the conclusion? Six months down the line, when that same producer has butchered all their best material and their dreams seem dashed, you ask them how it’s going and get that same painfully predictable two-word response. We split.

Such is the gloomy tale of modern indie, where desire for a speedy rise to fame surpasses all the logic that goes into developing a lasting, and perhaps more importantly, catchy sound. But Ivory Wave don’t go for that. Aptly named and mixed to an absolute tee, the self-produced Paradise reinforces all the confidence that’s been shipped onto their youthful shoulders. They’re taking their sweet time about that first album, something not many bands are willing to do, and I for one will continue to be excited. Patient, but excited.