Don’t emulate all the tips and tricks you’re learning

Incorporate them instead

I bet you there’s not a day that goes past that you don’t see a “Do this every morning and you’ll be a millionaire” kind of article. Their everywhere, and what’s worse is that they are coming from people that are popular and are, at least in general, very smart and serious people.

The problem with this is that we as human beings will more than usually take the shortest path to being better, faster, richer… you get the idea.

There are posts I read on Medium just before writing this article that were written by authors that I love and follow on more than one platform. The only problem I have is the majority don’t include one understanding that can save people from making countless mistakes and increasing their time to actual success or happiness.

Don’t follow the guides, the programs or the articles word for word. You don’t get anywhere by doing exactly what Bill Gates does every morning, but, you could move forward with your life if you understood why getting up earlier in the morning may give you some extra time to get stuff done.

And probably just as equally important? What works for others might not work and be down right dangerous for you to try and do. Changing your diet overnight from high fat and high sugar to kale shakes and carrot sticks can do serious damage to your organs and make you very sick. Being over weight and wanting to exercise is great but trying to do 50kg dead lifts because you read in an article it’s the quickest way to drop fat and gain muscle can hurt you permanent if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What I’m trying to say is… read these articles. Absorb the information and understand why certain things are beneficial and then if you want to start doing the same, incorporate the functional and realistic parts into your own life and start small and simple.

Above all else consistency is the key to getting anything started or done.

Post #38, Luke.