Here is the deal. This is not an in-depth style guide about where to put your semicolons ; or how to assign your arrays [], this is a short and practical top level guide to quickly win enormous improvements in the readability, scalability and reliability of your codebase. Written for all skill levels. This was written with React Native in mind... but it can be extended to React applications.

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If you have an exiting project, these principles are not things which need to be done in one huge refactor, but instead they are guiding lights, which can be adopted over time into your own practices and conventions. …

If you want to doom your react applications with a terribly managed, bug infested, time sucking blackhole of a codebase, then do the four things outlined below… say goodbye to any new features and profits, as developer time is spent fixing mistakes.

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Nesting Components Inside Components

Do not nest components inside components using variables or functions to render JSX which is conditional, or requires interpolation. …

You can have all the time in the world to come up with different ideas. An idea that will soon become a project. Each project takes up so much time and effort to build. Like any other machine, a project needs gears and internal parts to run. To make a project effectively, you need a helping hand. You need to outsource resources.

Delegation is the process of handing chunks of tasks to specific people with that particular skill.

In this article, we will talk about a skill that every entrepreneur or start-up needs. …


Luke Brandon Farrell

Luke is using Swift, Java and React Native to build epic mobile applications. He writes about people, code, architecture and business ventures.

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