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Today we’re making the Unsplash API available across thousands of the top media sites to power the visuals for independent publishers through to mainstream news outlets.

Our initial launch partners provide the systems that power much of the media on the internet. Their systems enable the ideas and knowledge of journalists, writers, and bloggers to spread from any corner of the globe.

To accompany their ideas, these creators need images that are impactful and accessible.

Over the years, the Unsplash community has grown from just a handful of contributors to a global movement including hundreds of thousands of photographers and organizations. …

Introducing new Topics, new curators, & a new design

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We launched Topics in late 2018 to bring visibility to more images and encourage a wider range of subjects and styles on Unsplash.

Since then we’ve seen an incredible range of imagery submitted helping to better represent complex concepts, everyday life, and moments in history.

Starting today we’re expanding Topics by introducing four new features to unleash Unsplash’s massive distribution ability on even more imagery.

🆕 New Topics: History, Athletics, Interiors, and Technology

In addition to the 16 topics from the original launch, we’re adding new topics highlighting images for History, Athletics, Interiors, and Technology. …

A new model for imagery and brand building

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Our mission for Unsplash is to make images open and freely usable.

We started the Unsplash library by sharing our own photos, making them available for anyone to use. Shortly after, we were joined by other creators who also wanted to share their images with the same goal.

Since then, the Unsplash library has grown to more than 1.5 million photos, all shared with the same purpose, collectively enabling more than 1 billion creations.

Since the photos are free, for the longest time, a lot of people asked: “How will Unsplash make money?”

And if you search the internet, you’ll find a lot of wild ideas. Most centered around the idea of limiting access and making images less open. …

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3 years ago, we wrote ‘What does Unsplash cost?’ to give a totally transparent look at the bills associated with hosting one of the largest photography sites in the world.

Since then, Unsplash has continued to grow tremendously, now powering more image use than the major image media incumbents, Shutterstock, Getty, and Adobe, combined.

With Unsplash’s public API, we power over 1000+ mainstream applications, including Medium, Trello, Squarespace, Tencent, Naver, Square, Adobe, and Dropbox.

All of that growth means two things: more traffic and bigger bills.

In the interest of transparency, Chris and I thought we were overdue for an update. …

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This is everything the Unsplash team created over three 6-week product roadmaps from September to December. We hope you enjoy it.

Our last three roadmaps are named in honour of some of our favourite long-time Unsplash contributors:

To all of these creators, thank you for inspiring us to create 🙌

Contributing to Unsplash just got a major update.

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We’ve been rolling out some significant changes to Unsplash over the last few weeks.

On Unsplash for iOS, we added a number of new features, including stats, updated profiles, authentication, and, most importantly, the ability to upload images directly from your camera roll.

Today you’ll notice a new set of feeds on your Unsplash homepage.

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When Charles joined the Unsplash design team almost two years ago, one of the first things we talked about with Kirill was the need to introduce new feeds to Unsplash that highlight photography beyond the Editorial feed — our main feed that curates the most inspiring photography on Unsplash.

There are so many incredible types of photography that are added to Unsplash every day, but with a single feed we’re limited in what we can showcase.

The initial version of Topics is a first step in bringing deeper discovery to the various styles and uses for Unsplash photography.

We have feeds…

A few weeks ago, some Unsplash community members noticed a new notification for their photos letting them know that their recent submission was made searchable. This notification was new, but the underlying system where a photo is made searchable is not new.

What happened next was a discussion around how the submissions system on Unsplash works and why certain photos get a lot of distribution and others do not.

We believe heavily in transparency in all things Unsplash, and after reflecting, we realized that the current system does not live up to our standards for transparency and the standards that our community expects of us. …

Answering, once and for all, the difference between resolution, compression, and DPI, so that you can make sure you’re using the right image for the right use.

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Photo by Steve Roe on Unsplash

At Unsplash, we deal with image quality a lot since that’s basically, you know, the entire premise of our site.

Unsplash photos are used across a lot of different mediums, from tweets, websites, and mobile apps, through to books, billboards, and even VR.

Because of this, we get a lot of questions about image quality.

Everyone wants to make sure they’re using the best quality photo for their project, but there’s a lot of technical terms and misinformation around image quality.

Let’s clear it up.

To understand image quality, you need to understand two main things: resolution and compression. …

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This is everything the Unsplash team created in 6 weeks from June 11th to July 23rd. We hope you enjoy it.

We decided to name this release in honor of two of our favorite and most creative Unsplash contributors, Brooke Cagle and Brooke Lark. Brooke Cagle is famous for her stunning candid portraiture, and Brooke Lark has a distinctive flair for capturing gorgeous food photography. To both Brookes, thank you for inspiring us to create 🍾


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