I work in finance. Every waking hour of my day is filled with numbers, analysis, and most importantly — valuation. Every day, I review the financial statements of companies to determine if they would be a good fit for my clients and their investment objectives. I have seen plenty of companies achieve amazing heights, while others plummeted to the ground. There was one very common theme in those who rose above — They did NOT allow themselves to be undervalued.

2019 has not been very kind to me. I have been forced to endure a lot of change, face a lot of fears that I wasn’t ready for. The monsters in my closet grew scarier, but I quickly realized there was only one hero in the story — myself. No one else was going to solve my problems for me. There was no magical solution that I could buy for $12.99 on Amazon and have one day primed to me. It was going to take a lot of self-reflection, discovery, and nights staring at my ceiling fan, wondering when the circuit board of emotions firing in my brain would slow down even the slightest bit. I’m not here for a pity party. I’m not here to be told I’m “brave” or “strong”. …

Luke Charlton

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