Dubai, the coolest destination of the moment

Dubai is today the destination to go for the coolest luxury getaways of the moment. There you will find the most select travellers and most famous personalities on the planet, gathered in saraos and special parties that are organised around the dynamic lifestyle in this exotic capital of the United Arab Emirates.The result of the frenzied growth in recent years, is one of its main attractions, along with its amazing artificial islands.

Dubai is the most symbolic of all the cities of the 7 Arab emirates. It has the main port of the whole territory that adds an extension of 1,500 km2. Today it flies the flag of the most cosmopolitan city in the world, culturally and aesthetically representing a resurgence of grandeur, but deep down behind the name of Dubai there is a long history of light and shadows.

Compared to the old European capitals, when speaking about the history of Dubai, we only have to go back to the eighteenth century, when it was founded, on the banks of the Dubai Creek. At that time it was a population that suffered from great poverty, with fishing and pearls from the Persian Gulf the basis of its economy. Its take off came at the end of the nineteenth century and is now a benchmark in culture of undisputed luxury.

Economy and tourism

The economy derived from energy and oil has constructed the skyscrapers that overshadow those of New York and tourism has become one of its priorities: its natural wealth and the creation of its amazing artificial islands leave no one disappointed. This is why many great hotel chains have opted to open their flagships in Dubai. Some examples of these luxury hotels are the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, a 4 star hotel located in Bur Dubai, in the historical center of Al Fahidi; The Oberoi Dubai, a classic of the city; The Burj al Arab, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world (7 stars!); And the Taj Dubai, where the class and elegance of the world’s fortunes come together in one city.

The city is divided into 2 zones by Dubai Creek: Deira (north) and Bur Dubai (south) and the area with the greatest architectural surprises is Dubai Marina. Dubai has grown uncontrollably out into the sea, even creating artificial islands that have been widely discussed around the globe and year after year they attract thousands of visitors. This is the case of the Palm Islands, which are home to a curious species of palm.

Level architecture

Buildings that seem to support the sky as if they were its columns are one of the great attractions of the city — in addition, you have the luxury shopping streets, artistic spectacles and curious local traditions … -. The highest of all the towers is the Khalifa Burj, which they say is the highest in the whole world, almost 850 meters high and contains a spectacular aquarium inside.

Among the most famous symbols of Dubai are the famous Emirates Towers, the Twin Towers (emulating the now-missing Twin Towers of New York) and the Cayan Tower, one of the most unique buildings in the world today: designed in a spiral shape and located in the Dubai Marina.

Yes, everything in Dubai is extravagant. Not only the buildings that outline the skyline but also the monuments and bridges that are located at street level. One of the must-see places is the Dubai Fountain which fittingly is also the largest fountain in the world.

Majestic works such as these have been talked about a lot as has the ostentatious city, but in the character of the city you can distinguish its humble beginnings, which allows you to enjoy the city without restrictions and imagine the past.

High society

In addition to being very select and distinguished, Dubai society is a mix of nationalities: from the start it has made a strong commitment to recruit the best talent on the planet and many of those who accept the challenge and come to the city occupy executive positions for the most successful companies.

The city has not only high-quality residential and hotel infrastructure, but also offers state-of-the-art leisure facilities, stunning natural surroundings and spectacular beaches, golf courses, parks, exclusive restaurants and luxury boutiques…

All these things form a diamond that has been polished to meet the expectations of the world’s most famous society, a refuge in the middle of the desert that everyone would like to escape to from time to time. A city to visit at least once in your life.

Accommodation in Dubai

Transportation in Dubai

The most convenient way to get around Dubai is using the public transport as traffic is complicated if you do not know the capital’s road network in depth. The prices are quite affordable and there is a very complete network enabling you to reach almost any place of interest in the city in a short time.

  • Metro network: encompasses the whole city.
  • Trains
  • Taxis
  • Buses
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